Hey, I am Jeanette

I fell in love with photography at a very early age and I made it my profession. I feel absolutely lucky that I am able to photograph so many beautiful people around Europe and the World.
I love what I do. If you ask my children, you will hardly every see me without a camera.
But what can I say moments are so fleeting in the blink of an eye you missed it. But I have captured it forever with my camera, for you to treasure for generations to come.

can you picture yourself in my images?

If you see beauty the way I do, let's work together!

I love capturing authentic pictures, these little in between moments.
I don't want you to think about, do I stand properly, do I look into the right direction, is my make up ok, is my hair sitting properly?

I want you to enjoy the moment.

I want you to feel the little butterflies in your belly that make your heart jump and put this magical smile on your face.
Whatever it maybe, your husband, your newborn, your toddler, just know this will be captured for eternity, so you can relive it.

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Photography is like poetry. It should touch your heart.

Telling stories and capturing the special moment for eternity.

There are no two stories alike. I want to get to know you understand what is most important to you.

Pregnancy Photography London, editorial styled pregnancy session.


Oh this is beautiful! Thank you, it looks like a magazine cover.