Destination Wedding Yes or No?

I remember it like it was yesterday, when we (I) started planing our wedding . Let's face it, it is more important to the women and the lovely man in our lives just let us have all the fun with the planning right?

Anyhow, we actually wanted to get married in New Zealand, we had been there the year we got engaged and we both fell in love with the beauty this country has to offer. So we started researching locations, hotels, photographers you name it, we looked at it.

Then we started to talk to our maid of honour and our best man and we started thinking, it is actually quite a long way to New Zealand from Germany and many people don't like flying or don't have the money to spend a whole week in New Zealand.

So I was heartbroken giving up on that dream. We looked at other locations closer to our hometown of Frankfurt and of course lake Como came to mind, so we researched all the locations. We actually went there and looked at locations, we saw beautiful locations and we choose one that actually spoke to us. It was this adorable little villa, we reserved our date and wanted to book the whole hotel exclusively for our guests and then the problems started.

We were rushed into making a decision and they did not even want to give us any discount on the hotel rates and so on. Then we started researching a bit more about the location and came across some really really bad reviews, so we decided against a wedding at Lake Como. Again I was heartbroken, I had seen myself walking down these beautiful stairs having my wedding pictures taken at this magical lake. So we researched locations within 2hours driving distance from Frankfurt and let me tell you we found our magical wedding location. We booked the hotel exclusively and we booked the wedding venue exclusively and we started planning everything and it was so much easier, as we could do everything ourselves. Driving or flying to a destination location might be possible once, but you can't go there more than that as it is time consuming and expensive. So I guess the answer to a destination wedding or not, is money and time.

If you are one of the fortunate ones , where money doesn't matter, you can hire a wedding planner or you can even end up flying to your location more than once and get everything ready.

But if you are not, it will be difficult and you might end up being disappointed and the best day of your life might end up being the worst.

There are so many places close that can be a beautiful location for your wedding. It does not always have to be a destination wedding.