Finding the right photographer for your wedding

I got married 5years ago and back then I was also looking for a photographer. I did find it quite difficult I must admit, as it is a very important decision and you want to have beautiful pictures of the most special day in your life. You spent a lot of time planning your wedding day, thinking about the colour scheme, the dresses for your bridesmaides, the decoration for the tables and so forth.

So it is only natural, that you want to find a photographer, that will capture this in the most beautiful way. So you are searching for wedding photographers via the internet e.g. websites, facebook pages or instagram and you see all these beautiful pictures, but keep one thing in mind, that you will always only see the best work, lots of the pictures you will find are from workshops, where the people photographed are models in beautiful dresses, that fit perfectly, because they are made for women with a certain figure. The decoration is spot on as they are prepared with the most attention to detail, as there is not the same time pressure as on a wedding day.

I at the time had narrowed it down to three photographers and in the end I went with the most expensive one, as his pictures looked beautiful. Needless to say, I had expected the same result and it came a bit differently. Some of the pictures were really beautiful, but they were of our guests not of me, so I had felt like I had not been a beautiful bride for quite a while until I had seen our wedding video and pictures that our guests took. I did look quite different in our wedding video. The point I am trying to make is, don't get fouled by the beautiful pictures on instagram or facebook and likes. Pay attention to what you see on these pictures, is the bride wearing Vera Wang, Dior, Pronovia or other similarly expensive dresses? Is she beautiful, tall and slim? Is the venue a huge castle, finca or similar location? Are there lots and lots of flowers, candles and other professional table decorations? If the answer to all of these questions is YES. Then this means the wedding was really expensive, hence only the nicesst and most expensive things have been used and it is virtually impossible to take a bad picture of a beautiful location, a beautiful bride, beautiful decoration. It is like photographing the Monalisa, unless your finger is in front of the camera the picture will show the beauty of this painting. Ask the photographers to show you some of their pictures of brides, that were not tall and slim, of locations that have not been in the most expensive hotels, fincas, castles and so on. Ask them to show you pictures of locations where the decoration was DIY. If these pictures still look nice, you will most likely not be disappointed with the end result and feel more confident in choosing your wedding photographer.

The pictures I used for this post were from a wedding in a nice restaurant in a standard German city, the decoration was a combination of DIY and a professional florist. The dress was beautiful, but not Vera Weng. Have a wonderful wedding preparation time and remember it is about you and your future husband everything else is secondary.