Looking for a newborn photographer

Now adays everyone seems to be a newborn photographer and all the pictures look the same at least to me. If you are pregnant and are looking for a newborn photographer, do have a look at their previouse work, does it speak to you? If the answer is yes, then you are one step closer to a photographer. You should also look at what they are offering, a lot of times photographers offer relatively cheap session prices and you get a certain amount of pictures, the addional pictures might be very expensive though, so do keep this in mind, when comparing photographers. Also it is important to state what kind of pictures you are after. Do you only want the typical newborn pictures in a bowl or in a basket ect. It is super important to state what you are looking for, as otherwise you might actually be disappointed in the end.

I will always offer both to my clients, the typical newborn photos, if wanted, but also the more natural pictures, just baby in mummy's or daddy's arms or baby on bed and so on.

In addition timing is everything, pictures turn out best, if taken within the first 2weeks of delivery, as they are usually still very sleepy and happy to be "posed". So start looking for a photographer when you are around 7months pregant, this gives you enough time to look a a couple of photographers and to get quotes.

Have a lovely day