Natural pictures versus posed pictures?

Are props needed? WHAT Are PROP?

Is there a right or wrong answer to these questions?

No, there is no right or wrong here. It simply depends on what is appealing to you as a mother, father as a family.

From a photographer's perspective, I love natural pictures. I personally don't love putting newborns on those little props.

But what are props?

Props are objects to stage and support the baby. For example a tiny sofa or a little airplane that baby is being put into are props.

Dressing your newborn up in a little costume as a lion for example is a prop. There are lots of props out there, and we have all seen pictures using them. Of course they can be lovely and creative.

But I don't offer these type of props for one simple reason, these pictures don't age well. You might love them now, BUT

here's the thing.

your Baby is perfect, just the way it is.

Your baby is unique and special, with it's own personilty.




So capturing the beauty of your little newborn, their tiny little feet, their tiny little fingers, them basically is the most unique gift you will ever give yourself. Capturing their adorable little faces, them holding your fingers. These are the special moments you will remember forever. Hence my love for natural pictures that focus on your little one and you as a family.

Simple beauty frozen in time.

Am I not using any proper at all?

Of course I am. I do have beautiful natural blankets and wraps to swaddle your baby if it needs to be swaddled or those timeless little outfits just to achieve that precious look.

I always bring along a couple of outfits and blankes and other props. I look for the place with best light in your house and will then place baby in some natural poses. I gently help your baby into a pose it will like I do not force it to keep a pose that it doesn't want to keep.


Yes, they can be, but they are the ones I love the most, there is nothing more special than adding a little teddy bear or bunny you already had when you were little or the blankets grandma made or an outfit passed down for generations.

BUT Did I get you excited about these "unposed" natural newborn pictures YET? staying well away from all those distracting props and just keeping it simple?

Trust me natural pictures will look amazing today, tomorrow and 20years down the road. Please take your time and have a look at the posed photographers and the ones that offer natural newborn pictures and decide, which is more important to you and what you want to take away from the session.

Have look at the below pictures for natural newborn pictures.

Reach out if you would like to know more about my approach. I would love to help you capture the beauty of your little one. I can't wait to document this special time in your life.

One little tip for posed pictures, if you are looking for the posed pictures you will need to be fast, as these are best done, when they are really, really little. The best window to get them curled up is in the first 2 weeks of life. If you have missed this window don't worry you can still get beautiful pictures of your little one. It is never too late to capture them, but they will not be in props.