Photography and social distancing is it compatible?

Photography and social distancing is it compatible? The answer is it depends. If you are looking for outdoor sessions, the answer is yes absolutely. There will be no problem whatsoever to keep the 2m distance and to be quite honest. I frequently keep this distance anyhow, as it is the easiest way to get these authentic pictures I love. If you are a bit further away the person being photographed sometimes actually forgets that they are being photographed and you get these lovely unposed images. Social distancing in newborn photography can be a bit more difficult, if you are looking for the posed newborn pictures, baby being placed in props for example, photographers would actually have to hold your baby in order to set up the image, social distancing in this case would be impossible. I do not offer these sessions at the moment and until it is absolutely safe to do this again and allowed by the government. Does this mean all new mums will miss out on beautiful newborn images? No, getting newborn images is so important to many mums and dads out there and it is still possible even with social distancing. The pictures will look different, but equally beautiful. I don't think that you have to place babies in props to get a beautiful image, just holding them or lying next to them can create the most beautiful and timeless images. Remember, it should always be about the person not about the props or the clothes or the locations.

So I will say this, the moment you feel ready, contact a photographer and see, if they offer outdoor sessions and how they implement the social distancing rules and how they keep you and your loved ones save and at ease.

Now is the time to get out and get some beautiful images that will last a life time.