We all know the quote "Where there is shadow there must be light".(by Haruki Murakami)

This inspired me to actually start a Lockdown Project "Finding positivity, finding the Light in the Shadow". When lockdown started it was quite daunting. I was scared for the health of my family and friends, every day, we were at home, every day stared the same, me being up before everybody, as the worries would not let me sleep and turning on the news to see what was happening, but as the days passed, we returned to a new normal. We enjoyed the time we spent together as a family. We were baking, cooking, playing, drawing, building you name it we probably did it and I was so exhausted at the end of the day, that I even started sleeping again. As I am a photographer, I was taking pictures of my little ones, of the chaos in our flat, of them helping with the cooking, of them playing, of them exploring and I found, that there was so much joy even though we were all going through a global pandemic.

There was light in the shadows, so I thought I, I want to reach out to other families in my neighborhood. This is how this project started. I chose 7 families and photographed them in their new normal. Take a peak into their new normal.

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