Should you be getting a videographer as well?

This question depends on what is important to you. Are you happy looking at pictures only, or do you want to remember the day in moving pictures, as that is basically what it is. When I got married, I actually did not think I needed a videographer, but my now husband had insisted and looking back I am quite happy he did. Right after the wedding we did watch it quite a lot, 5 years down the road we don't really watch the video that often, but we see our wedding pictures everyday as we printed them.

So ultimately I think it all comes down to how much of a budget you have, as a photographer and a videographer can become quite expensive, which is, why a lot of photographer now offer videography as well, so that they can make some additional profit. Out of personal experience, I would always suggest to split the two. The reason being, if you happen to be unhappy with the photographs taken, chances are you will be unhappy with the video as well. My background is in finance and I learned something very early on, which to this day I swear by, you should never put all your eggs in one basket, another way of saying hedge your bets and your wedding day is basically one of the most important days of your life, there are no reruns.

Once you identified a the videographer or if you want to go with a photographer who also offer videography ask them for a sample video, one where the wedding was not in a magical castle, or on a finca in Mallorca or the Maldives or some other fancy location or taken during a workshop where the couples were models and everything was fixed every two mintues. It is quite tricky these days to actually find a photographer, that shows really weddings on their website or on their socail media feed. Lots and lots of pictures and videos are taken during workshops, which does make a huge difference.

Ask them for the wedding, where the bride was a bit shorter or a size 12 (42 in German sizes) or the wedding that took place in a simple restaurant etc. and if you still like their work, then you should trust your feeling and book them, but if you don't then you should keep looking. Also there is a trend to change the tone on pictures and videos, I would be very careful about this. As somehow everyone seems to get an orange tint to their skin color. As with every trend 20 years down the road you will mostlikely not like it, or do you know anyone, who thought the 80style was any good?

Have a lovely day my lovely brides-to-be and remember the wedding is about you and your furture husband and the love you share for each other

Yours Jeanette