The anticipation of the big day, the planning involved in making it special and the creativity of each couple in making the day unique to them, just amazes me every time. 

Weddings regardless of their size are wonderful and truly magical, but they can also have quite packed schedules with little time to fit in all the little things you want to capture on the day. 

On your wedding day you usually don't have or want to take hours out of your party to wait for the perfect light or the weather to change if it isn't what you envisioned.

So the couple sessions are more often than not a quick session, many couples actually say they only want it to be 30min, so they don't miss the amazing events they planned for themselves and their guests. They want to be part of the cocktail hour and the reception party.

This is where an engagement session can come in as an extension to the couple session on your wedding day. See it as the time you get to spent together with all the anticipation of your big day. Plan it as a special event, incorporate your color scheme, coordinate outfits anything you want. It is about the two of you.


Your engagement session is what you make of it. Make it a whimsical session with muted colors, if that is what you love or make it fashion forward with an editorial flare.

It is about you.